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 16 Hrs of Kyoto Ring

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16 Hrs of Kyoto Ring Empty
PostSubject: 16 Hrs of Kyoto Ring   16 Hrs of Kyoto Ring EmptyTue Nov 04, 2008 1:09 am

13th October @ 11.40am.....

This was the when Joe posted a thread asking who would be interested in competing in the 2008 16hr race around Kyoto GP. So in only 12 days Joe wanted to put together a 4 men GT2 team, get the setup right, plan the stratergy and choose which pizza to order on the night....

12 days later ICON Racing were on the starting grid with a 4 man team consisting of our own JOE and DAN, plus two guest drivers, Darryn and David. A week of hard work and long nights of testing ment that the team were ready for the race of their lives.

The race went well with Joe taking the start and he quickly settled into a solid pace. Throughout the night our 4 drivers battled on putting in lap after lap until eventually early Sunday morning Darryn crossed the line for the last time to bring ICON Racing successfully home to complete its first enduro race.

Overall we were placed 56th and 19th in Class. In addition the result of our first enduro was even better when we realised that ICON was the 5th FXR GT2 finisher. A great result for such an inexperienced enduro team. Lets see what we can do next year.....

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16 Hrs of Kyoto Ring
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