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 ICON JOE - Formula 500 Formula BMW League - Rounds 3/4

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PostSubject: ICON JOE - Formula 500 Formula BMW League - Rounds 3/4   Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:10 pm

Just to let everyone know that I was able to take two 2nd places in tonight's league races which were held on the Fern Bay Club Reversed track. This is quite a mean little track, with high kerbs and two or three awkward corners that require a high downforce setup.

I never really got my setup right all night apart from for the 2nd round of qualifying (the qualifying before the second race) but then having added more downforce for Q2 I then added more again for the race which was to be my mistake. It was too much and although I could nail the corners I had understeer and a slow car on the straightaways.

Thankfully for me, although a lot of the dbp team guys were a little faster, they all took turns at spinning and crashing, gifting me two good 2nd place finishes and lots of championship points.

That's it from me, when Darren is able to make an upload facility for the site, I'll send in all my setups, until then just ask me and I'll email you them.

Good night, and happy racing!

Joe Keaveney
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PostSubject: Congratulation   Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:26 pm

Congratulation Joe!

I also seen that you have hold the lead in the drivers championship Very Happy
This shows again, that you are a fast AND clean driver Very Happy
You are a great member of this team.

After watching the replay, in Race 2 you have an excellent start and very good fight the first few laps. After this you drove a clean race without big mistakes. Very good !!

Congrats again

Thomas Madl

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ICON JOE - Formula 500 Formula BMW League - Rounds 3/4
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